Siobhan is Mama and she says:Put A Hat On!

Mama’s Mini-Bio-
These are some of my originally designed crocheted creations (no patterns). I have been crocheting since girlhood, sitting at my aunt’s knee learning by watching and trying. West African Adinkra symbol influences are part of my original designs.
Everything is top quality yarn, some use natural fibers, some use repurposed and recycled fibers – all are hand washable and each piece is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ fair-trade inspired creation made in a ‘smoke-free and pet-free’ home.

A bit about me-

I am an accomplished bilingual singer and storyteller of Folklore, World Issues and Culture. A published fiction and non-fiction author, a single parent, life-long community activist and world citizen. I’ve toured different regions performing and public speaking to raise awareness and stimulate discussion in many diverse communities. I believe that we all have stories to share and I work toward inspiring others through my tales.

My  hats and other goodies tell a story of whimsy and warmth with the yarns often having journeyed globally before being woven into one of my original creations. Hats and their significance feature prominently in so many Cultures and their stories, myths and fables.

Mama says: Put A Hat On!-Images of Whole productions

The African Mother – Images of Whole Productions

Contact me at:, Skype: Sio-so


– Bath-body pouches $10, either 100% unbleached cotton or Cotton/Loofah blend
– Adinkra pouches Sm $20/ Lg $25 (any set $40)
– Fleece & crochet pouch sets $50

– Tuques $25 adult/$22 child
– Specialty hats (- with natural fibers, fur, metallic, glitter) $32
– Super-Slouch (7 hat styles in one) $32
– Brimmed hats (have a visor at the front) $42/ child $40


Crochet Creations by Siobhan, “MAMA says: Put-a-Hat-on!”,

2 Responses to “About”

  1. I have two of your hats and I LOVE them! I get compliments everywhere I go – talk about conversation opener! – nothing beats your hats my dear – keep crocheting you definitely have talent! ;^)

  2. […] others live a life that allows their children to see these values being applied. I’d say Siobhan Barker falls into the latter category except that it wouldn’t quite be an accurate statement. You see […]

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