Mama says: Put a Pouch on it!

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Mama says: Put a Pouch on!

Perfect for any occasion- the extended collection–POUCHES!

Who doesn’t need a little story, or how about a little pouch? Now you get both in the Adinkra story-pouches with an interesting Adinkra symbol as a fascinator for your pouch. So whether it’s a quick way to find your cellphone (slim to iPhone size) in the ever expanding backpacks, courier bags and purses that we find ourselves carrying– we all need a little pouch every now and again. West African Adinkra symbol influences are part of my original designs for dry-land ‘story pouches’. Their cousins the ‘his/hers Bath-Body pouch’ is for wet-land uses from face to full body contact. They’ll go wherever you need them (sink-side to pool-side in the shower & bath).

Pouches  & wishmark card sets will be available for purchase at the Mama’s June performances:

With Siobhan Barker, Sam Bob, Brian Campbell, Mandy Nahanee, Quelemia Stacey Sparrow, Abegael Fisher-Lang, Jean Pierre Makosso, Veenesh Dubois, Zaccheus Jackson Nyce, Tim Sars, Laura Simms, Bryant Ross and Scruff Mouth.

Mama is accepting “Mad Hatter Party” bookings for July 2012. contact us at

Adinkra ‘story pouches’ background info–

The Akan, then later Asante, people (Ghana/Côte d’Ivoire) created the adinkra symbols which incorporate their philosophies, folk-tales and culture. They represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, express particular attitudes or behaviour related to depicted figures, or concepts uniquely related to abstract shapes.

pouches with raised designs

So… Now you can carry your iTouch and iPod WITH the headphone in one place.

private items pouch

Little private items can go with you anywhere, discretely!

Enviro gift-pouch (reusable)

Stick a few items into one small pouch for a quick get up and get going- like some tissues or your camera and couple extra batteries/memory card OR some cash/lip balm & gum-AND of course they are great Enviro-Friendly reusable gift bags.

Also –THE BATH-BODY Pouch collection

These bath-body pouches come in two main types:

– The 100% unbleached all natural cotton and The Loofah & 100% cotton blend. Both varieties sell for $10 each with a complementary soap.

These super functional pouches can fit many size of bar soap or bath product.  The pouches lather and launder well and come on a handy handle for easy use  and storage in a slippery spot.

Bath Body-Pouch


Mama says; Put A Pouch On!

-cause THESE little pouches can carry it all in style and functionality!!

contact me to order and purchase YOUR perfect pouch. Paypal orders accepted online.


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  1. Love the bar soap pouch!

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