February is Black History Month —and so much more

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MAMA is newly published, along side many many other talented voices of African descent.

Photo: The launching of The Great Black North book celebrates 2013 Black History Month.

City of Vancouver calendar of Black History Month happenings.

At Vancouver Public Library Feb 26th- The Untold Story of Joe Fortes

The Great Black North  anthology will launch across Canada in February, 2013 for Black History Month.

February 1st at 11am-1pm in a Vancouver city council chambers celebration

February 4th 5-7pm at the Vancouver Public Library                The Great Black North

Introduction by George Elliott Clarke
Preface by Karina Vernon

Edited by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Cameron
The Great Black North is a contemporary remix of the story of Black Canada. Told through the intertwining tapestry of poetic forms found on the page and stage, The Great Black North presents some missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that help fit together a poetic picture of the Black Canadian experience.
February’s SWEET DEAL- buy two & get a bottle as a present

In honour of FEBRUARY festivities Mama says: Put A Hat On! is offering a sweet deal. BUY a hat in combination with another Put A Hat On! product (hat, pouch, body-pouch) and receive a Wishmark card set. The custom Adinkra designs featured on the two hats above are Osram Ne Nsoromma “the moon the star” a symbol for love, faithfulness and harmony. West African Adinkra symbol influences are part of my original designs.

Happy New Year- Gung hay fat choy- Feliz Año Nuevo-Aide shoma mobarak- Bonne année – Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu- Xin nian yu kuai- Buon Capo d’Anno


February is also Groundhog day, Valentine’s day, Ash Wednesday and last year marked the debut of a local a public art project called A SIGN FOR THE CITY  rebranding the nightly nine o’clock canon blast linking it to various BC history.

some of the stats in this video are significantly dated (i.e. population now 1,000,000 vs 500,000 quotes) put the spirit of the message rings true. For another look at African-Canadian History via government PSA: Proud of our History – Blacks in Canada 

Mama RENEWS the triple challenge as a collective NEW YEAR’s resolution.

  1. DO SOMETHING – random and kind for someone else (near or far)
  2. GO GREEN- reuse/ recycle /repurpose EVERYTHING POSSIBLE (incl. wrappings)
  3. BE MINDFUL- Make something or Buy something locally handmade (hint – hint)


Mama says: Put A Hat On! and book a home Mad-Hatter-Party (performance and product showing) with a Valentine, Un-Valentine theme throughout February. You can find Mama storytelling at various community events in February.  Some are not open to the public so contact us at for listings as there may be some near YOU.

Mama’s fabulousness has been featured in an article at, as a Mama entrepreneur with Mama says:Put A Hat On! Thanks Katrina Boguski for the great write-up!

continuing in– WHERE TO FIND Mama…

Currently running children’s story & art programs ( drop-in and registration) for 1-5 year old’s at the Roundhouse Community Centre January -June 2013.

story pouches with Adinkra designs

  • West African Adinkra symbol chart. These symbols influences are part of my original designs

Mama says: Put A hat On! is open to taking NEW orders ready 1-2 weeks or less. Contact us via email: putahaton(at)

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