Make Your Mark; Mancala & Adinkra games workshop

In Stories on November 3, 2013 by sioso

mancala yellow

Join us on Saturday November 16th for an activity filled workshop of gaming and stories with Mama says, Scruffmouth, DG and Jrae. This event is not suitable for infant/toddler/preschool attendees.

Make Your Mark poster


The Akan, then later Asante, people (Ghana/Côte d’Ivoire) created the adinkra symbols which incorporate their philosophies, folk-tales and culture. They represent popular proverbs and maxims, record historical events, express particular attitudes or behaviour related to depicted figures, or concepts uniquely related to abstract shapes. 

children play.mancala

ALSO later in Community on Saturday Nov 16th–


One Response to “Make Your Mark; Mancala & Adinkra games workshop”

  1. Great event, Siobhan. We had a fun time and I can’t wait to play again. Thanks for the invite!!

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