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Mandala, Adinkra & Colour Workshops

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Storytelling Tools Woven in Living Colours

Through a variety of fun, creative activities participants learn about and practice storytelling,  explore colour meanings and play with a beautiful array of coloured yarns, weaving a simple piece of art.

Mandala Meditation & Mindfulness Workshop

Mandala is “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. The mandala is primarily used as a form of meditation to gain knowledge from within. Participants will learn about, and practice using, Mandalas for enjoyment and reflection. Includes a guided meditation with custom created aromatherapy oil.

A 2-hour adult focused Mandala workshop is an opportunity to connect with other community members and learn a personal meditative and reflective practice easily integrated into busy lives. Participants will get the tools to create their own Mandala and learn some of the meaning of various colours & essential oils as they explore freeing their creativity through centered reflection. It’s a fun energy-lifting practice that gives participants surprising boost.

Some colour meanings:
RED for strength, high energy and passion
PINK for love, intuition and the feminine
ORANGE for creativity, transformation, self-awareness and intuition
YELLOW for learning, wisdom, laughter and happiness
GREEN for physical healing, psychic ability, love of nature and caring
BLUE for emotional healing, inner peace and meditation
PURPLE for all things spiritual
WHITE for spiritual focus
BLACK for mystery, deep thinking and individuality

Adinkra painting, stenciling & stamp making Workshop

A 2 hour family printmaking and storytelling workshop for seniors, adults, youth & children 5yrs and up, on Adinkra as Story. The workshop participants will hear Master Storyteller Siobhan, of Mama says; Put a Hat On and will explore the African oral tradition of stories of the Adinkra symbol language through paint, stencil & stamps.



February is Black History Month —and so much more

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February’s SWEET DEAL- buy two & get a delicious treat!

In honour of FEBRUARY festivities Mama says: Put A Hat On! is offering a sweet deal. BUY a hat in combination with another Put A Hat On! product (hat, pouch, body-pouch, wishmark card set) and receive a delicious chocolate surprise and a discount coupon from STEAM TEA HOUSE (aka Nolan the tea-guy). The custom Adinkra designs featured on the two hats above are Osram Ne Nsoromma “the moon the star” a symbol for love, faithfulness and harmony. West African Adinkra symbol influences are part of my original designs.

Happy New Year- Gung hay fat choy- Feliz Año Nuevo-Aide shoma mobarak- Bonne année – Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu- Xin nian yu kuai- Buon Capo d’Anno


Some events around town: 3 events via Vancouver Public Library, City of Vancouver BHM details, Black Dot Collective events, and at VIFF BHM films

Black Pioneers of BC

A Storytelling Moment- BC Blacks in History; one story at a time

2014 unveiling by Canada Post: Canada Post celebrates Black History Month by commemorating two distinctive and historic African-Canadian communities: Vancouver’s Hogan’s Alley and Halifax’s Africville. Dismantled in the 60s to make way for new construction, these small but vibrant neighbourhoods are gone but not forgotten.

Vancouver’s Hogan’s Alley, “a vibrant destination…”

Hogan’s Alley- Vancouver BC

The stamp features images of Fielding Spotts, a cooper by trade and the first Baptist in Western Canada, and Nora Hendrix, cook at Vie’s Chicken and Steak House and grandmother of rock legend Jimi Hendrix:

2013 Stamp:

2013 BHM stamp- Joe Fortes, Vancouver BC

  • Mark the proud tradition of Black History Month with a stamp featuring early Vancouver’s beloved lifeguard, Joe Fortes.
  • With period images of the watery playground at English Bay and photos of Joe swimming and interacting with the community, this OFDC depicts a man who carved a niche for himself in his adopted home.

some of the stats in this video are significantly dated (i.e. population now 1,000,000 vs 500,000 quotes) put the spirit of the message rings true. For another look at African-Canadian History: Reviving Black Strathcona, and via government PSA: Proud of our History – Blacks in Canada 

Mama RENEWS the triple challenge as a collective NEW YEAR’s resolution.

  1. DO SOMETHING – random and kind for someone else (near or far)
  2. GO GREEN- reuse/ recycle /repurpose EVERYTHING POSSIBLE (incl. wrappings)
  3. BE MINDFUL- Make something or Buy something locally handmade (hint – hint)


Mama says: Put A Hat On! and book a home Mad-Hatter-Party (performance and product showing) with a Valentine, Un-Valentine theme throughout February. You can find Mama storytelling at various community events so contact us at  listings as there may be some near YOU.

Mama’s fabulousness has been featured in an article at, as a Mama entrepreneur with Mama says:Put A Hat On! Thanks Katrina Boguski for the great write-up!

continuing in– WHERE TO FIND Mama…

Hear ye hear ye- calling you to book a MAKE YOUR MARK; mancala & adinkra games and story workshop. This fun ALL AGES activity can be build to fit at 1-4 hour event in/out classrooms, community celebrations, festivals, and parties. It’s a great time to get competitive in the style of an ancient culture with a game so old it’s now new again.

story pouches with Adinkra designs

  • West African Adinkra symbol chart. These symbols influences are part of my original designs

Mama says: Put A hat On! is open to taking NEW, custom, orders ready in 2 weeks or less. Contact us via email: putahaton(at)


December… HOLIDAY chillin´; country-style (whatever your Country: whatever your Culture)

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Let’s NOT get caught up in crazy consumerism for the Holidays. In fact this lovely Mandela quote reminds and inspires well beyond holiday spirit into the core of WHAT is valuable…

“If our expectations – if our fondest prayers and dreams – are not realised, then we should all bear in mind that the greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall.” ~ Nelson Mandela Washington DC, USA, 22 September 1998 #LivingTheLegacy

Mama puts forth a triple challenge: THIS HOLIDAY (check this video out) and

  1. DO SOMETHING – random and kind for someone else (near or far)
  2. GO GREEN- reuse/ recycle /repurpose EVERYTHING POSSIBLE (incl. wrappings)
  3. BE MINDFUL- Make something or Buy something locally handmade (hint – hint)

[AC] 2012 Promo – Basic from Advent Conspiracy on Vimeo.


ONLINE browsing and purchasing via Paypal or person-to-person visit. Home parties with a few choice friends and relatives.


WIN an ORIGINAL Mama says; Put A Hat On! creation …

story pouches with Adinkra designs

SUBMIT a Story or Poem on what the Holidays mean for you.

Details: Write up to 500 words. Deadline January 15, 2014 email submission to:

Mama says:Put A hat On! will be awarded to two lucky winners.

Highlights for Mama in 2013…newly published, along side many talented Canadian voices.

The Great Black North  anthology will launch across Canada in February, 2013 for Black History Month.

Introduction by George Elliott Clarke
Preface by Karina Vernon

Edited by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Cameron
The Great Black North is a contemporary remix of the story of Black Canada. Told through the intertwining tapestry of poetic forms found on the page and stage, The Great Black North presents some missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that help fit together a poetic picture of the Black Canadian experience.
UP NEXT for Mama in 2014…
Children’s art and story programs via registration. contact me for location and pricing.
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