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Winning Entry for the TS Dream Box

In community,Contests,Stories,Tea,Writing on March 21, 2017 by sioso

this was my quasi-epic entry all about my four favorite teas from samples within the tea club.
“My favourite teas (limit 4 😢) are Hands down #ONE Cream of Earl Grey by the Tea Guy. When I need an end of the day or mid afternoon hug-In-a-mug this is THE TEA for me from the slightly floral smell to the warmth that extends well beyond the actual temperature of the content- it’s perfect. Funny story after being introduced to this creamy full bodied slice of bliss, in the oh so modestly sized sample pack, I went on the hunt for it out in the Tea Wonderland we now call Vancouver. I ended up writing to the owner, who used to have NV warehouse distribution, but is now far far away. My original “tea guy” that owned Steam Tea now works with actual Tea Guy but Steam (although they carry 5 types of Earl Grey-ALL of which I tried) did not carry TG -COEG. Aargh! Just when desperAtion seemed at a peek….tahdah… from On High, or at least from across town, appeared the Holiday TS samples with a “CREAM OF EARL GREY”. (cue confetti). I’m also gah gah for TG Masala Chai (but I am not using one of the ever precious 4 votes for that gem).
After #1 the love ❤️ is shared pretty equally although I’m deeply struggling with deciding between Tea Spot; Red Hot Chai and Market Spice Sweet Cinnamon from Tea Desire both are so deliciously Spinnamony (spicy&cinnamony). Also BIG LOVE for let’s call it #3 Cherry Rose Green from Elmwood Inn. It has such a crisp cherry with just a touch of rose but without being syrupy – a delight and in the words of long ago rebel Mr Kermit “it’s hard to be green”.
Finally numéro quatre, but not for lack of love just someone has to be at the end, Rishi Tea Topical Coconut Oolong which I must say I oolove oolong most of all as the newest tea that I’ve come to know. This was NOT my mamas daily cup a tea for us while growing up and probably still isn’t (very traditional British Black tea lady). Gotta say though of my intro to Oolong is still in honeymoon stage that the buttery smooth body of this tea with the bits of pineapple and coconut -AMAZING!! This is my grown up tea. As the quote says (slightly paraphrased):
When I was a child I drank tea as a child.
When I was grown I drank TC Oolong.”

There ya have it. Winner winner….

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